What’s the main goal to start Sell Your Gadget?

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We want to create a platform for everyone who uses DSLR Cameras, lenses & other gadgets like YouTubers, Wedding Photographers, Videographers, etc. to get their hands on latest technology in the DSLR Camera Market. Sony, Canon & Nikon are some of the well known brands who launch cameras, lenses and other accessories from time to time.

But the issue is the current prices of gadgets are out of reach for some users.

So, that’s why Sell Your Gadget started a Re-commerce (www.sellyourgadget.in) and an E-commerce (www.sellyourgadget.shop) platform where users can sell and purchase their old and used DSLR Cameras, lenses, and other gadgets at the best market value.

This system helps everyone:

  • For sellers, they are able to sell their gadgets for instant cash from their doorstep
  • Buyers are able to get their hands on the latest and improved gadgets at a very affordable price.