What does the order status mean?

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Thank You for your recent purchase. When you order a product from us, you can instantly check your order tracking information from your Account Dashboard > Orders.

When you place an order, your “Orders” page will show the following status of your order:

  • Pending payment:  This means the order has been created but payment hasn’t been received yet. For example, it could mean you reached the Payment screen, but not proceeded. In rare circumstances, it may mean that the Payment Processor was not able to communicate back to your website to say payment has been processed, so you should check your Bank account/emails too. If you made the payment successfully, it will be automatically updated here.
  • Failed:  The payment failed or was declined.
  • Processing:  This means that your payment has been received. The order is now awaiting dispatch, i.e. for SYG Shop to process it.
  • Completed:  The order is complete. No further action is needed. You will get your tracking information on the order page. You can track your product from “Order Tracking” in the footer of any page. Enter Your Order ID and Billing Email to track your product.
  • On-Hold:  It’s awaiting payment verification. For example, this could be because SYG Shop detects your payment as a suspected payment so SYG Shop has to manually verify the payment in order to process your order.
  • Cancelled:  The order has been canceled by you or the SYG Shop.
  • Refunded:  SYG Shop refunded the transaction.

You can also Track Order your order from our Tracking Page. Generally, all orders are delivered in under a week. But sometimes it can get delayed due to certain circumstances but rest assured your product is in safe hands and we will deliver your product as soon as possible.